Fastest way to grow your business in 2020



Growing business has always been a major challenge, especially how to grow your small business quickly in 2020 without money, do you have business ideas? But you don’t know how to grow business tips.


In this article, you get better information base on how to grow your business faster than you can imagine, in accompany with why growing business, when growing business and how to grow business faster. This implies to all standard of business, be it small scale business or large scale business.

 This is the reason Prodigy Workers brought what works best for the growth of your business, read till the end friends.


Have you ever thought on how to grow your business? You are a business man and you don’t know how to grow a small business, it is a great challenge for most entrepreneurs, finding it almost difficult in promoting their business, an entrepreneur doing well in his sales as regards growing the business as always been the very bullish problem in marketing.


Most entrepreneurs find it a very narrow way to grow their business without huge number of audiences, I believe it not their fault, some of them jumped into business hoping to get money online quickly, but friends, it doesn’t works that way; you have to take it step by step for a great achievement.

Most entrepreneur have limited ideas on how to grow the business they started, this is the main limitation to growing business.

The idea of getting audience first, as began to be the trending ideology among most young entrepreneur, this makes them believe that, under normal circumstance, your audience is directly proportional to your sales, yes! I agree with that, but on a percentage of 50.

We will be guiding you through why you don’t need to rely only on audience in getting much better in your business, things you have to do in order to grow your sales, tools you should use in marketing your business in order to keep your audience in close and regular contact with you.

Here are few outstanding tips on how to make a huge number of sales with little audience; of course i don’t dispute the fact that numbered audience is not a major factor. We know you can’t be promoting your business to the abstract world, but Prodigy Worker came up with what works best to enlighten you on the way you can get it better in growing in your business with just few audiences.

This is very possible, but you might not believe, I must confess it is a super fact you should not want to ignore.

Few months ago I decided to write an extensive article to the world on how to grow business with little audience and making a better sales, this article is backed up with the way world digital marketing system is moving so be ready to learn.

Why you should not rely solely on huge audience for better sale

You can make a better sale with little audience, but first, you have to know how this works.

 I think an interesting story will start it better, this is a story of a friend of mine who owns a brick industry, for years he has been developing a huge number of audiences profitable to run a business much more effectively, he drove more than 3,000 customers on his audience roll for years.

Just a year ago a new competitor came into the business market, bringing his audience to a severe number below 900 customers which led to a fall in growth of his weekly sales in the number of bricks he sold, what a great defeat!  

His competitor sale was obviously in huge profit has a result of this. Really solely on generating audience is not a better way to grow small business, because it devalue the quality of your brand, you will never want to improve on your product, but rather try improving on the number of audience.

 You think you are the only one in the market? Come off it friend! You have thousands of competitors in any market you will always find yourself in. Then how do you grow your business in this situation?

Never stop reading!

 My friend gave me a call and explained everything to me, with his narration, I finally find out the mistakes he has been making.

I told him to treat his customers well. So  how do you treat your customer well? We going to talk on that, don’t rely on building customers only, what is the point in getting audience who are not satisfied in the way you treat them?” after going through critical thinking and taking profitable decision into action, his business is now stable and much better than before.

He now gets 3 times more profit from the formal profit with just 2735 customers (he could not get up to 3,000 audiences that soon) Something important you need to know about marketing with your audience, as an entrepreneur either young or old, you have to learn how to make a technical decision.

Marketing your business with massive numbers of audience is a wonderful advantage but you should not be dogmatic enough to admit that your audience is directly proportional to your sales (it is true, no lie! But it doesn’t work every time in getting great sale in business). Sometimes markets with a little number audience can be much more productive only if you take the right steps under critical consideration

The idea of needing much audience in business will wash off your zeal. Good news! I am glad to inform you officially that you need audience but you should not be in haste to get audience when you have not set things right as a business man.

Little things are little things but dedication in these little things brings about a positive output, so take little things serious. The sentence above also applies to audience, so I say little audience are little but loyalty and dedication in treating your audience brings about a positive output.

If you are a young business person and you are reading this, it is an opportunity for you to grow your mind, do not let anybody impose the fear of your business without huge amount of audience is not enough to sustain you.

 This mentality won’t take your business anywhere; it will rather help in creating the wrong audience, can you imagine having a list of 10,000 audiences and not up to 20 people purchase your product, I believe you won’t want to imagine that defeat, take it off your mind!   

In this post we are going to be driving you through the things you should know about audience and sales

Why you should focus less on building audience

Did I just say you should not build audience? Absolutely no! Just focus less on getting huge audience for now. Been so carried away by building audience might lead young markers to build irrelevant audience, this people might not need you service.

I am pretty sure you know wrong audience will definitely say no to your brand since they don’t need, this is a bad news if it occurs.

 So how do you war against this? I mentioned treating your audience well earlier, yes that is the best way to grow your business, treating customers well will do you more good.

How do you treat your customers well in other to grow your business?

One way to treat your customer well is to work on your product, make them more of quality than quantity. It is a better way to grow your small business without money

Building audience is not the first thing to focus now, so I say focus on your product.

Come to think of it, you build audience close to about 5,000 customers in just 6 months, but your product has nothing to offer them, I am definitely sure as your product has nothing to offer to the audience, you will get no relevant amount in sales of your product. Audience are not robots you program, they want to preview the relevance of your service before having a taste of them.

 This calls for improvement in your product first, make sure It is capable to convince them on how nurtured your services are. Once your brand is a quality one, it serves as a magnet (attaching your customers to you through your magnetic brand) making a greater sales at the end of the month.

 So, think and observe what can make your brand more quality, well below are list of major features that will give your service chances to superiority.

Under general environmental factors, these are major things that can influences the quality of your product, so what on these common factor first, I assure you don’t need much audience to grow your business if you properly examine those customer pulling factors.

What you should do to get great sales with just little audience

Before getting a reasonable number of sales, what you have to do first is to seek what works best for you and also follow the procedure. Don’t let anyone scare you or tell you it a difficult task to get sales with few audience; fear not, you don’t have any heavy task to play.

 Marketing is the game of the brain, so work your steps into actions and watch things fall in places for good.

 You have to be a critical thinker first, know what your customers want first and give them the best. I will recall you work on your product first, make sure your product is to a certain extent convincing your audience the reason they should make your brand their favorite, with this you are automatically generating audience who will stick to your business, hereby growing your business and taking it to the next level.

Now you can think of a growth in your business and how to grow sales after working on your product, what do you think about sales growth? Do you have any way you boost your sale? I am pretty sure you have a means of growing your sales if you have been in this marketing world for long, but which one work best for you in growing your business.

Over 2 years from now, I went through Dan Lok (a very resourceful entrepreneur, I respect him a lot) Youtube platform and watched a video of him talking about how to increase your profit.  He said, one best way to increase your profit is by multiplying the cost of that product by 2, funny right? If you have been following this article you should be able to affirm this is a better way to grow your business.

Ok this is how it will work in growing your small business, if your product is one of the best among your fellow competitors and you have like 120 customers, let teach you how it works!

As we told you earlier, a better product is serving as a magnet-like tool which attached customers to your product, let say your product is of quality one and you decide to increase a product you sell initially at the rate of $70 which will earn you $8400 from 120 customers; you increase the cost to $140.


 It is obvious you will lose customers; I know you are getting mad at me but you can get mad after analyzing this hypothesis which has been working for me for long.

 120 customers will surely decrease in number, but if your brand has always given your customers the best, you have given yourself a best chance to retain more than half of your customers, now making a bit of sense! Assumes you lost 40 customers leaving you with 80 customers, back to your updated price which is $140, simple mathematics says you will earn an amount of $11200, wow!!

 Difference of $2800, comparing the initial and final gain within a month in no time, this marketing skill has been working for me over a year now, after few month you can try generating cool audience to around 100 customers and try doing the same thing. Multiply the cost your sale (I will not advise you to do this if your brand is not improving) and increasing the profit of your business provided your brand is unique to the world and most importantly to your customers.

You should not generate audience which is valueless, this promotion skills will help you grow your business in no wasting of time. I want you to try this and give us feedback in the comment box; we want to know how it has helped you a long way to grow your business.

Better tools to grow your business

  Once the foundation to a successful business has been laid well, then you can now consider accomplishing your effort with good tools that works on how to grow your business. There are lot of marketing that can serve as catalyst to the growth of your business, they speed it up hereby making work easier for you.

As we said there are lots of them but we going to take you through the most important one, it feels good to see your business grow, so let achieve this together.

Signal from social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest and so on will help you on grow your business on a long run. It definitely helps to get your business more formal and keep audience close

Some months ago, a very close friend of mine messaged me for consultancy, she said “how can I grow my business?” it was an intersting conversation, we both examine some necessary factors and finalise getting some media awareness on her brand. She was so happy with my conclusion and promised to employ my techniques, the picture above shows our chats. Few weeks later, I got a call from her. I was so glad to her that the techniques worked out on the growth of her business.

What point am I driving at? Never forget the fact that you need a social media intervention to grow your business and make it do exceedingly great advertisng it in the market

Facebook can be cool to start with because of its simplicity, start by creating a page first and post relevant things on this page, your frequent devotion in posting will get you some set of new audience who will want to give your product a trial (mind you, you should not post out of content and irrelevant post on your page, so as to avoid potential customers loose interest in you and your product).

So also the role of other social media platform is unique in their places, they have parts to play on how you can  grow your small business.

This is a means of sending messages to your customers through their mail; these are the customers who subscribed to your newsletter, before this they must have submitted their details to you if they love your product and wants to see more of it.

Some say emailing is not a better tool to grow your business, either small or largely established. The truth is that email marketing is among the top 10 marketing skills used in promoting business.

Email marketing is very easy to use and you have total control over it, the most interesting thing is that it makes you generate audience who are visiting your website for the first time, they sign in to your newsletter and automatically become part of your regular audience. This is one of the best ways to grow your business, by getting permanent audience who are only interested in your business

With email marketing, you can send message to all your audience at the same time informing them what your next service is all about

There are lots of email marketing service providers; most of them are free, although you can decide to upgrade to get their Pro service, it a cool way you can grow your small business. Some of the mail providers are:

Copywriting is an avenue for you to turn words into cool cash, the way you present your written words on your landing page (website) will entice your customers, impressive word which passes information in a right way to your customers makes them have a full review of your product, it is so fortunate that copywriting is a better way to make your business grow.

Some weeks ago, one of our audience contacts to inform us on her low rate in her sales. Unfortunately, her business website has poor communicating skills. We told her she has to improve the copy write-up skill on her landing page, she hired us just for $30 and now she is happy, her sales improved drastically.

It unfair copywriting might a little bit be complicated, but you have to hire expert in the field to get your sales upright, it something you must do, it is compulsory! Grow the sale of your business on your site by ordering for the best copywriting skills from one of the best copywriter in the world at Prodigy Workers.

You can hire us for this just for a token, we grow your business by redrafting your website to an appealing one. Even if you have a better sale, there is always a room for improvement, and if you never had a website to promote your business, it is almost free with prodigy workers

You can also use the contact page to get to us, we are willingly to give and guide you on the important  business  tactic you need.


Everyone has always wanted to grow their business and have massive improvement in their sales growth; of course what is your reason for doing business? No doubt about your aim, it is to earn from your business life.

One thing you must know has a business person is that no shortcut to wealth, sorry if you have been looking for shortcut to grow your business all this while. It is either you learn from professionals or hire freelancers  who  are experts in other to grow your business, I must confess you need lot of tools and get service from specialists for the growth of your business, yes! I said lot of tools for your business to grow especially if it is a small business.

And I believe after reading this article, you now have the right information on how to grow your business, even if it is a small business and you don’t have huge capital to grow your business. I believe this has given you a bold step to take, yea! Even if you are not sure, I am pretty much sure.

How to grow your business with little audience is made easy with this article, you don’t have to be in haste to grow audience.

So best of lucky in your business!

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