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Only complete Guide on how to start a data reselling business in Nigeria in 2021|Advanced|

Data reselling business is one of the businesses I always use to pay my bill; it has been a life safer strategy all the way, hey! If you want to know everything about how to start a data reselling business in Nigeria and even in more countries like Ghana, south Africa and other African countries.

This is not about data reselling only, it explains everything you need on how to become a data vendor, how to sell airtime and including

Data reselling business has proven to be 100% lucrative compared to the last 5 years, only few percentage of people find their way into a decent earning by starting a data reselling business (maybe referred to as VTU business). Maybe the larger percentage still ask themselves questions like “does reselling data make money?”, the answer to the question is YES!

And in this article you will be getting information on everything you need to know about how to start a data reselling business in your country, including what a data reselling business means, how you can buy cheap data and resell, how to sell airtime and data online, factors to consider before starting a data reselling business in Nigeria and more important questions will be discussed in full details in this article.

I could recall being a data vendor was the first small business I ventured into; it was a small set up with large profit.

Although for the first month, I made just around $7 per week, this was as a result of not getting the right way to market my data reselling business. I made the mistake on the journey to becoming a data vendor, so I do not want you to make same mistake, this the why I compiled useful information from my experience in conjunction with the top experience of big entrepreneurs.

Flee your mind away from data reselling business alone, let go into the random business and imagine how difficult it seems to drive sales in whichever business you find yourself doing.

I guess you do not want to face the challenge of driving sales; this is why I am including how to drive sale for data reselling business in the basic requirement to start a business as a data vendor, this article also include how to sell airtime

data reselling business

What is data reselling business?

Data reselling business is commonly tagged as a VTU business; this is why we need to go through what data reselling business is all about. This is the common thing you need to know before becoming a data vendor so you do not get confused.

Data reselling business is one of the easiest ways to buy data at a way cheaper price and resell to the consumer; the interesting thing here is that you make a decent profit (you only get to complain if you have a poor advertisement strategy, but you never need to worry, everything will be explained here).

Difference between Data reselling business and a VTU business.

Unlike the data reselling business, the VTU (Virtual Top Up) is a whole body which the data reselling come from. VTU business deals with toping up your data, airtime, even your TV channel subscription.

This data reselling is just a branch in the VTU business, the main reason why we are focusing on the data reselling business is because it is widely needed and very cheap to start up in countries like Nigeria and other African countries in the world. But it is now cheaper to start a VTU business now, even if you want to own your App.

data reselling business in nigeria

Who is a data reseller?

A data reseller or data retailer is someone who buys data and sell, it is so simple! He or she is a person that is into a data reselling business.

But here it comes in categories…

A data reseller may also be referred to as the wholesaler whereas the networking companies like MTN are the manufacturer in this case. So ones you resell, you may be either the wholesalers or retailer.

When you sell as data wholesaler, this is when you have the data reselling App where data retailers can download on the application store and start selling data to costumers. Those that downloaded it in other to resell again are the retailers.

I hope you get what I tried to describe and if you do not get it, you can read the above paragraph again or I rather explain what I meant in a very simple way.

Those that own a data reselling App are the wholesalers, while the people that sell data to people using the App are the retailer.

Basic requirements to start a data reselling business in Nigeria.

This heading will talk more about those thing you need to put in place before starting a data reselling business in Nigeria, these are things you need to have so as to make the business set-up easier.

  1. A smart phone or laptop: if you do not have a laptop, then it is not a big deal since a smart phone can run a data reselling business perfectly.

Every transaction will be made on your phone, by saying transaction I mean the process and buying and selling of data to your customers. This is one factor you should consider before starting a data reselling business in Nigeria.

  1. Capital: You need some money to start it up, but the problem comes in when you are unable to utilize the capital well. The main reason why people will tell you, data reselling business needs huge money of about N10,000 for a start is because they do not know how to go about with it. Moreover you don’t need up to 60% of that amount before you become a data vendor.
data reselling business

How much do I need to start a data reselling business?

If you intend to start your data reselling business on a small scale, all you need is an average of 30MB in other to download the data reselling Application you will be using to sell your data and some money for marketing.

A business without marketing is like winking at lady in the dark, you know what you are doing, but no one sees that. It gets frustrating if you are working hard on your business, yet your sales are not worth your hard work. This is the reason for smart marketing in any business you do, not only data reselling business.

Although, there are so many categories in setting up a data reselling business, if you want to start on small scale, then you need a token. But if you intend in owning a VTU App which you can place on any App store, then you will need more money so create an App.

I sense your mind is been disturbed with a lot of question like, “which one is profitable out of the two?” the sincere answer is that both of them are profitable, but one is more lucrative than the other.

If you are a data retailer, then you are helping the data wholesaler to drive more sales (although you get your profit on it, because you are to decide the price to call for your customer) and this may earn you a decent penny, if critical marketing Is put in place for the data reselling business.

Meanwhile the data wholesalers (those who own a data reselling App) tends to earn large, there is nothing bad in starting a data reselling business by using a data wholesaler Apps, since you are getting profit, then nothing much to worry about. The primary aim is to make money, so you still earn what you get.

data reselling business

How do I start a data reselling business in Nigeria?

I notice data reselling business is technical especially if you have no one to sell to, this is the reason I have compiled information from my last experience on how I made fortune as a data vendor.

I could recall, I made an average of $550 per month, while I got my marketing tactics well. So I will be taking you through it step by step.

After getting the basic requirement to start a data reselling business as highlighted in the above heading, the major requirement are capital and a smart phone.

The next thing you should do is to get a data reselling App to sell data to your customers, there are lots of them. So you can choose a data reselling Application/ VTU portal that favors you mostly in term of the amount the wholesaler sells his/her data.

So I will advise you to review a lot of data reselling App to check which is cheaper, since you will be adding your own charges, which is the only way you can make your profit.

Aside the 2 major aforementioned requirements, you need more requirement to package your data business.

Another vital requirement is a social media page, either Instagram or Facebook; this will make your business prove reliable since there is a page they can reach out to your support.

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How to increase data reselling business sales in Nigeria?

After putting things in places, I mean the above requirement, all you need is to market what you do, I must tell you not all marketing strategy will work out for the data reselling business in Nigeria. This is the reason most people do try and error before they get their customers.

So I decided to get you an offer, I tag it “data reselling 001”, we get to do the whole work for you by generating customers, not only customers. We will be generating leads for you (leads are those we put in direct contact with you; they are customer you will require for your data reselling business, one cool thing about generating lead for you is that they all come back to buy data from you, since we put you both in a close relationship).

This offer will help you generate more than 200 regular buyers for a start, with this you can say you have made it through. We are only going to charge you a token, the sweetest thing is that it is a 3 days money back guarantee, if you think Prodigy Workers did not satisfy you, then you get your money back without wasting time. You can contact us via the WhatsApp icon on bottom-corner of the page.

how to start a data reselling business in nigeria

How to sell airtime and data online?

This is a very straight question, in the above information we discussed difference between a VTU business and a data reselling business. The main difference is that the VTU is a wide telecommunication business.

So if you need to add airtime reselling business into the business, then watch out for a VTU App on Google play store that has the feature of selling both data and airtime, by doing that it will be easier to sell airtime and data via the App.

And if you wish to own a VTU portal, you could click on the WhatsApp icon, it will direct you to me on WhatsApp, there you can text me for fast response so I can develop it for you, don’t forget it is a money back guarantee if you feel we don’t meet up to your taste.

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How can I buy cheap data and resell?

This is a question you could answer yourself if you have paid attention to the above information, but I still need to emphasize on this because it is the most important part if you want to make more money in the data reselling business.

Imagine you are a data reseller, you download an App where the wholesaler fixed the price of MTN 1gb to N450, you had no choice than to sell yours at the rate of N550 to make N100 profit. Whereas, there is another data reselling App on App store that charge 1gb of MTN at N300, you don’t need a motivational speaker to tell you that a higher profit await you if you use the cheaper VTU portal for your data reselling business.

You can even charge your direct customer around N450, this is way cheaper and you can see you make extra 50% of the profit you will make if you sell it at the price of N550.

So the best way to buy data at a cheaper price and resell it is to look for the cheapest VTU App to partner with.

cheap data business

Does reselling data make money and how much can I make from it?

From everything you just got from this information, I am sure you have no doubt in you that the data reselling business in Nigeria is a good way to make decent income.

The question that got my attention is “how can I make money from becoming a data retailer/vendor”?

As said earlier, it depends on your marketing strategy, but I can give you a meaningful earning range of within N10,000- N40,000 if you allow us manage your data reselling business.

You get a chance to get featured on every of our blog post in other to get unique customers to patronize your business. It is nothing new to us as we have been in this business for more than 3 years and we know how everything works. For a quick reminder, access us through the WhatsApp icon on the page.

Vital conclusion on data reselling business in Nigeria?

I believe this article is the only complete guide to starting data reselling business in Nigeria, everything you need in other to become a data vendor are all fully explain therein just that I forget to add something.

Not that I really forgot, but this is the right place to add it, it is all about marketing your business.

Most people think marketing is an idea, you can just think randomly in other to get your business sales, I am sorry to tell you that things does not work that way my dear friend.

Marketing is a rule you have to follow, embedded with a lot of factors. It is a policy you have to comply with in other not to lose. Now imagine a business with poor or no marketing strategy, I tell you frustration will surely find its way and make you feel like you are not working hard, yes you have work hard friend but you never implemented the principle of working smart.

All these also applies to setting up a data reselling business, you need to market what you do like a Pro. Even if you are not a Pro, hire one to make your business look like one.

This is the reason you bring an offer of “data reselling 001” obviously I forgot to add in the above information that this offer is a one week promo, which means this offer will be ending before a week.

Data reselling 001 is all about Prodigy Workers handling your data reselling business for you, we have got a whole lot of package for you including: affordability, effectiveness, bonus package like free advertisement on blogs and so on.

In addition, this is a money back guarantee if you feel our service was not up to your expectations.

Do well to catch up with us via the WhatsApp icon on this page to meet up with the one week “data reselling 001” offer, anyone can start a data reselling business if you have gotten the right information!

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